On Being Selective

In order to provide the best services possible, I am very selective about the clients I take. If I don’t feel that we would get along, I will refer you to someone else. Everyone’s time is valuable, and life is too short.

Also, mean people suck. I am never intentionally mean or abrasive, and I expect the same from each of my clients. Disrespect of me, my studio, or my time will be followed by a warning. If disrespect continues I will remove you from my client list. All of this is done in order to make sure that everyone is healthy and happy.

Thank you so much for understanding.

Solar Eclipse

Good morning Lovelies,

My lovely assistant, Sir Chadington, and I are out in Oregon for this once in a life time experience. We'll be back in the office sometime after the 23rd of August.

If you are out in Oregon too, drop me a line and say hi. If not, be safe and DON'T STARE DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! 😂

Your Wild by Design Family.

All Caught Up

I have officially replied to everything in my email inbox! Thank you all so much for your patience!

If you are still waiting for a response, I am so sorry, your email/form didn't make it through somehow. I promise I would never purposely ignore anyone. Please just resubmit your form or email me again. 🙏

Thank You 😊
Wild by Design


We will be returning to the office the 10th/11th of July. If you have submitted a quote request, email, text message, or psychic plea I will be getting back to everything then.

Thank you for your patience,

Wild by Design 

New England Vacation

Email Delays

Our email inbox is overflowing (thank you all who are interested in our services) so it is taking a lot longer than usual to get back to everyone. I am still working on inquiries from February 🙁

Sit tight and I promise to get back to you all as soon as humanly possible. 

Much love,



All new clients are required to place a $50 deposit before their first appointment can be set and confirmed.  Existing clients may need to place a deposit if there have been excessive reschedules or tardiness for appointments.

Please note that the deposit is deducted from the end service total so long as you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.

New Year New Prices

For the first time in almost 9 years we are raising our prices.  You are appreciated, and we intend to make this space reflect that. Without your continuing interest there would be no Wild by Design.

Thank you

Check out the Contact page for a pricing list.