Thank you so much for your continued support during these times.

So far the governor has stated that all nonessential businesses are to close their doors indefinitely at this point. This time may seem scary and isolating but remember we’re doing this to show love and community by keeping one another safe.

We look forward to opening our doors again as soon as the all clear is called. Anyone’s appointment who has been pushed back will be first in line for a new appointment times once the closures have been lifted.

Remember to wash your hair more often during this time, as this virus lives on fibers for up to six days. So remember if you’re out at the grocery store that means you have to come home and wash your hair. You can also mist your locks down with an alcohol and lemon/lavender essential oil blend which should kill off any living viruses on the surface of your hair. Keep in mind I have a medical background but I am no doctor.

Please stay safe and we look forward to working with everyone of you in the near future!