Can I wash my dreads?  

The answer to this is a big YES.  Your scalp needs to be washed very 6-9 days to remove excess oil, dead skin, and everyday dirt and debris. I also recommend doing a full dreadlock deep cleanse once a month or so.  The 2 big things to remember about washing is rinsing and drying. Make sure you are thoroughly rinsing out ALL the shampoo/cleanser from your locks, and make sure they are 100% dry before you put them up or sleep on them.tying up or sleeping on wet/damp dreads can lead to that dirty gym locker smell.  Below is a list of tried and true shampoos/cleansers for your locks.

  1. The Vital Goods
  2. Voodoo Soaps and Beads
  3. Coconut Oil Soap by NeutroBiotic
  4. My Tangled Knots
  5. Sundari Creations
  6. Baking soda wash/apple cider vinegar rinse
  7. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo
  8. Weird Sistas LokkBlokk