Preparing For Your Appointment…
In the days/weeks leading up to your appointment, wash your hair and/or dreads thoroughly with baking soda and/or a dreadlock-safe & Residue-free cleanser. Also, refrain from using any products (waxes, gels, conditioners, residue shampoos, etc). If you have used any of these products or something similar, make sure it has been completely removed from your hair and/or dreads (this is usually done with a “Deep Cleanse” which can be found under Recipes). DO NOT show up to your appointment with dirty or wet (damp) hair/dreads as services cannot be rendered.

Why I Don’t Work on Dirty or Wet hair…

Dirty hair is Gross…. I don’t want to spend hours touching hair that hasn’t been washed in weeks. Oils also make locking very difficult, so maintenance may not last as long and the appointment could take longer, So please have your hair THOROUGHLY cleansed within at least  2 days of your appointment.

Wet hair is structurally compromised… To sum it up, the little tool I use (no matter how gentle) will break through wet hair.

I like to pride myself on offering minimally damaging dreadlock maintenance and creation, so wet hair is a no-no.

During Your Appointment…

– Please DO NOT bring any guests with you that are under the age of 15 for liability purposes.

-Space is limited, so please limit the number of guests you bring with you to only 1.

-Smoking of cigarettes is prohibited indoors, but can be used on the patio.

-Vape pens, e-pens, and e-cigarettes are okay to be used indoors

-The use of MMJ or Cannabis  is permitted out on the patio.

-Wi-Fi is available during your appointment, so feel free to bring a tablet, laptop, or e-reader.

-I do not continue to charge during break times, unless breaks become excessive. (I usually allot about a half hour for breaks)

-Please leave your pets at home. I HAVE DOGS, so if you have allergies please take precautions.

-If you are tender headed, make sure to take something before we start. Sometimes the tension can cause scalp tenderness.


The hourly rate for your appointment begins at your scheduled time whether or not you have arrived. Should you find yourself unable to arrive on time for your appointment, please contact me immediately. If you do not contact me and/or do not arrive within 30min of your scheduled time, your appointment will be canceled and all future appointments will need a deposit before booking.

Cancellations…  I, of all people, understand that life happens and sometimes you need to cancel/reschedule; However, I require at least 72 hour notice (3 days).  If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, a deposit will be required before future appointments can be booked (Unless you rebook immediately).  If repeated cancellations happen, I will be required to collect the full price of the service before an appointment can be booked.  If you fail to show up for an appointment or make arrangements with me , your deposit will be forfeit.