Still Closed

Sorry folx,

Because my health and safety is important to me, I will be reopening once I feel safe rather than when the state says it’s cool. Especially since I work from home, I can’t risk having people in and out.

With protesting and gatherings going on, Covid cases are creeping back up and we don’t want to be caught in that 2nd wave. On that note also, we are a Black Lives Matter supporting business! Keep your “all lives matter” bs to yourself. If you can’t seem to keep that insensitive bs to yourself, we encourage you to seek out loc services elsewhere.

Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty. We hope to have you back in our chair soon.

Coronavirus update

Despite restrictions loosening up, we will be keeping our doors closed till we are sure everything is in the clear. Being an immunocompromised person, I can not risk getting sick or possibly getting others sick.

Gloves and fabric masks are not protection enough to be in close quarter with people for as long as appointments typically run.

I highly recommend braiding or retwisting your hair while damp to keep the flyaways at bay till we can safely get you back in our chair. No products, just damp hair. Twist the root and smooth the bodies of the locs while you braid/twist. Leave braids/twists in for a day or two.

Thank you for your understanding and continued client loyalty.

Violet & Charles